I'm Linda - Mother, Connector, Healer, Humanitarian, Yogini and Crystal lover.  


I completed my certificate in Crystal Healing in 2015 with the Phoenix Light Foundation and discovered that in order to offer healings, I needed to first heal the healer.  Working with vibrational alignment and our energetic layers I found that working with crystals in jewellery was a great way of offering support to those who like I, might be walking a spiritual path.


The crystal jewellery is beautifully simple creations from me to you. There are no mass created products, over-supply sales, or discounts on offer. I keep my prices low and my heart offering pure, cleansing each piece of crystal before it is sent to a new happy home.  The raw rocks showcase a little extra beauty that is perfect for adding to the shopping cart when purchasing jewellery for yourself or a loved one.  Enjoy browsing the few creations available that will ebb, flow, change and evolve over the seasons.

Earlier in 2018, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training which now brings me to focus on combining my love affair of connection to Self through yoga, that is enhanced with the vibrational qualities of crystals in jewellery and the added use of aromatherapy with doTERRA essential oils.  Aromatherapy is a welcomed sensory experience and what I have discovered is that when combined (crystals and oils) they can really enhance your sense of wellbeing.  Here you can learn more about doTERRA essential oils and how you can also incorporate these into your life. 


During the anatomy component of my yoga teacher training, I discovered our fascia body.  This densely woven deep connective tissue that abounds us, and which is present at the moment of our conception before we even grown an organ body, you are created in the presence of fascia.  This intricate 'fluid highway', surrounds every muscle, every bone, every organ, nerve, artery, and vein in the body.  I have gone on to learn more about fascia and been guided by Beth Beachamp a certified Myofascial Release Therapist here in NZ.  During this training, I have gained the knowledge of how we can unravel, open and create space that in turn enhances the anatomical and physiological function in the body addressing pain, movement limitations, structural and postural dysfunction and energy flow restrictions.  I combine this work also with the healing energy of Reiki and crystals, you can learn more here


Come and meet me on the mat, connect with me via phone/email, or on social media.


Wishing you love and peace beauties x

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