Crystals & Care

With everything around us being in a constant state of vibration, crystals have the ability to deflect energies that create imbalances and disharmony and help align to your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical journey. 


The gift of adding crystals into jewellery design allows you to wear your intention and lets them serve you as a constant reminder of that comfort from connection.



Where there is an intention there is a shift in energy.  By focusing that energy on something you specifically want or need allows your crystals to align with you on a range of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. The gift of adding crystals into jewellery design allows you to wear your intention and lets them serve you as a constant reminder of that comfort from connection. 

Cleansing your jewellery weekly or monthly is best by smudging with incense/sage or under the light of a full moon. You can also charge 

your crystals in the sunlight.  No matter your chosen method it is important to do so as your crystals are exposed to a range of different energetic forms and cleansing them allows you to remove negative energies and keep them aligned to their metaphysical properties and unique vibration.

I'm delicate and handmade, so treat me with love, care, and attention. I'm best not worn whilst doing any vigorous activity or in the shower. When you're not wearing me please keep me in my protective pouch for safe keeping and longevity.