Essential Oils

I'm an independent wellness advocate for doTERRA and since discovering the amazing benefits of these oils for use in everyday life it was a natural extension to start using them with my crystal blends.  Especially as one works so well and harmoniously with the other.  They, after all, are both energy creations of the earth.  Personally, I have slowly introduced essential oils into our family life and can now offer you the same opportunity.  

Interested to lean more?


Then let's meet up and chat! Or, even better come along to a class!  It’s the best way to learn more about doTERRA essential oils.  You'll get to smell and feel the oils plus enjoy the experience of sharing your time with other like-minded individuals too.  I love talking about oils their healing properties and how they can support you and your family.   

Read on below for more information, and if you have any further questions give me a call or send me an email.

Want to buy oils?


Great! You’ve come to the right place.  See the simple steps below that will guide you through the process.  Food for thought... rather than purchasing them at retail you can grab a $40 annual wholesale membership which means you’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving 25%OFF the retail prices. Throughout the year you can then continue to purchase as many essential oils and other doTERRA product as you like at the wholesale price.


Why I love Doterra


  • Creating a wholesale account you'll receive 25% off the purest therapeutic grade oils in the world

  • You support a transparent, ethically driven and sustainable business who use ‘Co-Impact Sourcing’ (small-scale growers, creating jobs, improving income and empowering local communities)

  • Plants are grown and oils harvested from expert growers in their natural environment.  They are then rigorously tested for standards of purity & composition immediately after distillation and upon delivery at the production facility.

  • Essential Oils are nature’s alternative for your home and family!  Say goodbye to nasty chemicals, free from fillers, harmful contaminants and artificial ingredients!

  • I’ve personally seen results when it comes to the health and wellbeing of my family!


Membership options - wholesale or Enrolment Kit?


What one's the best for you?



Pay a Wholesale Membership fee of $40 and you’ll receive oils at the wholesale price (25% off retail) for the entire year. At renewal time pay only $30 and you'll receive a FREE bottle of peppermint oil (value $28). There is no minimum order required each month, and you can choose any single oils, blends or other doTERRA products (check the product guide & price list below), to create your own custom order!  I always recommend creating a wholesale account, especially as this means you'll also be eligible for the free Product of the Month and have the ability to earn back points that you can use for free product anytime you want!  You can read more about their Loyalty Rewards Program below. 

*At check-out be sure to add the $40 'Introductory Enrolment Packet' as this is what activates your membership).




By purchasing any Enrolment Kit you’ll not only waive the $40 membership fee, but you’ll also receive BIGGER discounts. As an example, I started my collection with the Home Essentials Kit (this includes 10 everyday oils plus a diffuser) which worked out to be a pretty large discount than if I purchased all of these oils individually.  Make sure you check the Enrolment Kits here as it's undoubtedly the most valuable way to get started!


As mentioned above you'll still be eligible for the free Product of the Month and have the ability to earn back points that you can use for free product anytime you want (read about their Loyalty Rewards Program below). 


*If you’d like to purchase a single oil, blend or product but are not in a position yet to take up either option 1 or 2 then be sure to contact me as I’ll happily extend the wholesale prices when I place my order.  Note: When looking at the prices in the below link be sure to look at the ‘wholesale prices’, not the retail prices. I place an order once monthly at the beginning of each month.


Last but not least...(Loyalty Rewards Program)


There's an optional Loyalty Rewards Program you can set up for yourself, which is basically doTERRA's frequent flyer program.  This is where you can earn back points for every purchase you make, and you can then use those points anytime you want to purchase product for 'FREE'.  You start out with 10% off every order placed in free product credit (1-3 months) and then work up to 30% in free product credit (13+ months).  Ask me more if you are interested!

Product & Pricing

click the below links for more information

Creating your wholesale membership - step by step


1: Click this link – Purchase doTERRA Oils OR visit my page


2: Select 'Join & Save' from the menu


3: Select your 'Language' & 'Country of Residence'


4: Select products to be shipped from 'New Zealand'


5:  Select 'Wholesale Customer' OR 'Wellness Advocate* (this option also enables you to build a business*)


6: Fill out the top of the application form by entering your personal information


7: For the Enroller ID, make sure my number 4816472 is displayed then click 'verify' to see my name.


8: Choose a password for your account.  From your virtual office you can then place future orders and track past orders.  Its a really simple and user-friendly interface.


9: Read and check 'Terms & Conditions' box.


10: Select the 'Enrolment Kit' you would like (this waives the $40 joining fee!) Or, select your chosen 'products' and then add your 'Introductory Enrolment Packet' (this is your $40 membership that creates your account). 


11: Select continue and you will be directed to the next page where you will enter your credit card details.


12: Lastly, submit your order for processing.


Orders are typically delivered within a day or two depending on where you are based in NZ from doTERRA's Auckland warehouse.


Still have questions?  Not entirely sure how it all works?  Then please connect with me and we can have a chat.  
Interested in building a business?  Contact me and we can also discuss this option further.

Love & peace beauties,