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Crystals Lovers Guide - how to select, cleanse, charge & program

Crystals, their colour, shape, texture, energy and meaning call to us, seeking to support us in a range of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual ways. But, how do we go about selecting crystals? Then what about cleansing and charging them? And, someone mentioned you need to programme them? Hell yes, we do! We program them because when a crystal is given a job 'to do' it's going to align with you to see that specific support you call for is answered.

In this blog, I'm going to cover ways in which you can select, cleanse and charge these beautiful energetic creations of the earth! Then I'll cover off how you can get comfortable programming and activating your crystals.


First things first, I usually start with research, especially if there is a particular body part, chakra or life situation that I am faced with that needs some energetic support. Secondly, I ALWAYS use my intuition to select a crystal that I am drawn to (now might be a good time to mention, always be prepared to come home with more than one crystal if out shopping, a girl typically always needs more than one!) Lastly, I ask for guidance - “please use me, lead me, show me the crystal that will work for my highest good.” I've been taught through my crystal healing certificate to use my non-dominant hand to pass over the crystals. As I do this, I await a sensation, that might be a tug, pulling, tingle, heat, pulse or humming from one of the stones. Finally, experiment! It's always the best way to find your connection with crystals. Everyone is different!


You've now got a chosen crystal or crystals ;) we want to cleanse their energy of any negativity. There are multiple ways to cleanse your crystal pieces and whilst I'm going to suggest a bunch of ways here, my best advice is always to do what feels right for you!

Incense or sage smudging - simply pass the crystal through the smoke for a couple of minutes, burning and smouldering away any impurities.

Singing bowl - who doesn't love sound healing and vibration? The electromagnetic impulse your own body intelligently resonates with music on deeply profound levels. So, why would your crystals be any different?! I like to position my crystals just in front of the singing bowl and then sound the bowl a few times. As I do this I hold the loving intention of cleansing them in mind removing any negative energy that vibrates from their core.

Flowing water - crystals love a dose of water (but think more a leisurely swim rather than a quick dip to cool off), choose a lake edge, gentle stream or river, then take your time. Nature is a great way to nourish both your soul and cleanse your crystals. Hold the loving intent of cleansing their energy. Washing away darkness, pouring in the light of transparency that we find in the water. Just note here that some crystals shouldn't be placed in water, those being: Desert Rose, Lepidolite, Selenite, Tourmaline, Calcite varieties and Malachite.

Crystal cluster or geode - we might not all have geodes around our house (although I personally aspire to this!) these are a great place to position your jewellery or your tumble stones for a day or two. Clusters and geodes have the ability to both absorb the energies contained within crystals and then neutralise the energies allowing then a release of good energy from the cluster back into the crystals being cleansed. Two birds, one stone (quite literally) - cleanse & charge!

Salt - you can bury your crystals in a bowl of salt or position them atop a salt plate for a day or several days. The salt again draws out any impurity, just be sure to rinse your stones of salt once complete.

Visualisation - never underestimate the power of visualisation! Simply holding your crystal between the palms of your hands imagine the crystal filling with healing light, and ask that all impurities be removed. Visualise all the impurities dissolving from the crystal, transforming into healing white light. When the crystal feels bright in your mind's eye, it is cleansed and ready to go.

CHARGING - use the power of elemental sources

Charging your crystals gives them an added boost of energy for a period of time. When a crystal is charged, its metaphysical properties and characteristics will most definitely be amplified.

We can do this by:

Sun - some stones like the energy of the sun and its more masculine energy, especially stones that work on the solar plexus, yellow and orange crystals and quartz crystals. Note here that morning or afternoon sun is best, I try to stay away from the middle day sun as this can make some crystals become brittle (if you're desperate use midday sun but only occasionally). It's also important to note that some crystals fade in the sun such as: Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, Quartz varieties, Aquamarine, Celestite, Fluorite, Opal, Kunzite and Turquoise.

Earth - this works particularly well for grounding stones, taking them back to their source really purifies and charges their vibration. Stones that love this charging method: Jasper, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian, Agate and other stones which work on the lower chakras. Place in the garden for 12 hours.

Moon - every windowsill in my house gets littered (or should I say bedazzled) with crystals when it comes to the light of the full moon. This charging method works particularly well with crystals that work on deeper energetic levels such as: Moonstone, Malachite, Amethyst and Rhodonite and other stones with softer and more feminine energy qualities. Leave out overnight.


Now that we have cleansed and charged crystals how do we go about programming our intention? A crystal that is dedicated with programming has simply been given a ‘job’ to do and with this given intention can act on a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Given crystals work with the human energy field, they support an energy conduit that transmits and assists in the focus of their dedicated and intended energy. The old saying “Energy flows where attention goes.” Once a crystal is programmed you may wish to carry, wear it, place by your bed, in your home, car or workplace.


Using a cleansed and charged crystal hold your chosen crystal between the palm of your hands. Closing down your eyes and taking a few nice deep breaths begin to focus your attention on the crystal. Visualise your crystal surrounded by and filling with light. Then repeat an affirmation or crystal attribute that you wish your crystal to carry. As you reaffirm this attribute (which you may wish to do so several times), imagine your crystal glowing brighter between your palms, filling up with the program and intention of your choice. Your intuition will ALWAYS guide you as to when this process feels complete!

An example...

Let's say your heart feels closed from having been hurt in the past. We decide on carrying a piece of Rose Quartz. The stone of ‘unconditional love’ that circulates a divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.

You can dedicate your crystal offering something like: "I dedicate you to help balance my heart in both the giving and receiving of love. I do this for this highest good of all concerned. Thank you."


When it comes to any of the above, ALWAYS let your intuition be your guide. People feel crystal energies differently, so don’t question what you feel, just allow it. There is no right or wrong! When it comes to your chosen cleansing method it's important to just keep the right intention, the right state of mind and to be in a relaxed state of being. Lastly, with both time and practice, you will learn to ‘feel’ the energy of the crystals and they will always help to guide you with the right programmed intention. If you ever have any questions, please know that I am here to help.

"Listen to the wind, it talks.

Listen to the silence, it speaks.

Listen to your heart, it knows.”

- Native American Proverb

Plus if you like, I'd love comments left below on how you like to cleanse, charge or programme your crystals.

With love and peace beauties,


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