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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

I asked for a sign from the universe before closing my eyes to sleep. "If this is meant to be for me, show me and lead me the way, please give me a sign".

I have been flirting with the idea of doing my yoga teacher training for some time. But, somehow I always come back to a place that is armed with a multitude of reasons why I shouldn't. You're not strong enough, I'm unsure if I am ready, how will I juggle the kids and work demands, what about the money... the list goes on.

During our holiday at Christmas, I stepped out of my overthinking mind, allowing the space to breathe deep and trust that which truly resonates in my spirit and in my soul. I listened to her call. Resting in that space, asking for guidance and feeling what my body felt, my soul responded by feeling light, feeling joy, feeling anticipation, I felt the calling. Delving to the depths from a place where 'trust' forms, that the universe will have my back, I knew beyond my soul and spirit that if this was meant for me, I would receive a final sign.

So, as I closed my eyes before I went to sleep, I asked: "if this is meant to be for me, please, show me a sign."

I awoke the next morning in the lazy slumber of holiday mode. A gentle sun and sea breeze on my back as I ate my breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary, when I decided to reach for my phone and check my messages.

One stood out in particular....

"We would love to support you in deepening your yoga journey and 'trust' with full confidence in the courage, beauty, poetry and spirit that shines from you (this that we already see in you we trust wholeheartedly will blossom from this transformational experience out into your life in unimaginably powerful ways)...

In honour of your leadership in life and with love and blessings."

This was the sign my soul asked and confirmation that I was journeying along the right path.

I now anticipate the beginning of this journey which starts on Monday. With my crystals in hand, my essential oils and my soul and spirit 'trusting' that all will unfold as it shall.

With love and peace my soul sisters,

Linda x

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