Yin Yoga - coming soon

Small group Yin Yoga classes will be AVAILABLE SOON on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from my home in Sunshine Bay, Queenstown.  Starting at 9.15am - 10.30am, this 75 minutes class will offer you the opportunity to reconnect, enliven and feel into your awareness.  With space for only 3 people, these sessions will be a beautiful opportunity to intimately connect with self.  

Yin is slow, contemplative, gentle and introspective.  We will explore playing our edge, settling into stillness and holding certain form in the body to deepen our presence.  With a focus on the 'space in-between' through the varying forms that we hold in our body, lies the invitation to explore each pose and the transition, guiding you to move your body in an intelligent way that works best for your discovery.

What is included:


  • 75-minute yin yoga practice

  • Essential oils to aid relaxation

  • Props as required

Cost: TBA

Linda Mcntosh Yoga Girl

Private Yoga

Offering private one-to-one sessions at my home or yours in the style of Vinyasa Flow or Yin.  Sessions are available between 9.30am - 2.30pm (last session 1.00 pm) Monday-Friday for either 60 or 90 minutes.


Private yoga classes are great for a variety of reasons:


  • You're a complete beginner and would like to understand the fundamentals of yoga before attending a class.

  • You would like a little extra attention that ensures your practice is both safe and supportive of your bodies postural alignment.

  • You have specific goals that you would like to attain by practicing yoga.

  • You don't feel comfortable in large group classes.

  • Deepening your own regular practice.

Private sessions will be customised specifically for you, your goals and what you wish to achieve.  Together we will discuss and work out a plan that is supportive of your yoga journey.

What is included:


  • 60 or 90-minute practice - your choice!

  • Essential oils to aid relaxation

  • Fascia relaxation techniques

  • Activated Crystals to further enhance and support your practice

  • Reiki

  • Props as required

Cost: please enquire on 021 0274 4975 to discuss your needs or email livinginflow@outlook.com

My Training:

200-Hour Nadi Wellness Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

50-Hours Embodied Flow Yin Inspired Training

100-Hour Shanti Atma Yin Teacher Training

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